Wedding event operators

 Weddings may take place under the following conditions:

  • A. Outdoor venues only (e.g. permitted private venues, hotels, beaches and/or churches). The property utilized must follow all permitting/zoning regulations for such events, and must obtain or have proper authorization before conducting such event.

  • B. Maximum 100 persons, including staff.  This is an exception to the general gatherings limitations.

  • C. At least one employee/owner of the professional event planning company, venue, catering, and/or convention service manager must be present at the wedding and ensure it is adequately staffed and compliant with this section.

  • D. Usage of face coverings are required as detailed in Order 5 of the Order.  Permitted exceptions are as follows:

      I. Procession & recession (e.g. family, bridal party, bride & groom).

      II. Officiate, provided there is at least a 6 foot distance maintained at all times                  between officiate and bride and groom, and between the officiate and any guests              or staff.

      III. During photos (e.g. bride and groom, bridal party, and family photos).

      IV. Customary dances (e.g., between bride and groom or parent and child). 



  • E. Table seating required as follows:

     I. Maximum of 10 persons per table.

     II. It is recommended that each table be reserved for members of the same                     household/l.iving unit.

     III. Dining tables can be pre-set with tableware (dinner and salad plates, cutlery and         glassware) so long as dining area is roped off prior to guest seating; linens, chargers,         stationary goods, flowers and miscellaneous décor (e.g. table numbers, etc.) can be pre-       set.

     IV. Food and beverage service must comply with the requirements for Restaurants/Bars.

  • F. Musicians, entertainment, operators, and guests must comply with the requirements in Order 8 of the Order.

  • G. Dancing is allowed, provided dancers wear approved face coverings.  Two dancers permitted every 36 square feet (6 x 6 ft.).  Up to 32 dancers will be allowed as follows:

   I. 8 dancers for a 12 x 12 dance floor

   II. 12 dancers for a 12 x 18 dance floor

   III. 18 dancers for an 18 x 18 dance floor

   IV 32 dancers for a 24 x 24 dance floor


  • H. Safety protocols are required as follows, no exceptions:

   I Staff and guests, including bridal party, bride and groom, will require a temperature       check upon arrival. Any person with a temperature over 100.4 will not be allowed to           remain.

   ii. Sign-in Data must be collected for all guests.

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